5 Essentials for Success in E-Commerce


5 Essentials for Success in E-Commerce

Cumulative data compiled within the Enterprise Guide to Global E-Commerce predicts a 246.15% increase in e-commerce sales globally, from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.5 trillion in 2021, a threefold increase in online profits, according to a report issued by the Arab Federation for E-Commerce, the e-commerce sector across the Middle East and North Africa is expected to grow tenfold, from $20 billion in 2017 to more than $200 billion by 2020, and the market in Africa in 2018 in a similar scene will reach 50 billion dollars. So it is necessary to review the most important basics of e-commerce to do it right.

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The rising purchasing power of internet users around the world has opened up huge opportunities for business owners to invest in the e-commerce field. According to Business, the top 10 e-commerce markets in the world are:

  • China: $672 billion
  • United States: $340 billion
  • United Kingdom: $99 billion
  • Japan: $79 billion
  • Germany: $73 billion
  • France: $43 billion
  • South Korea: $37 billion
  • Canada: $30 billion
  • Russia: $20 billion
  • Brazil: $19 billion


E-commerce is a great field, if you are thinking of starting a business by building an e-commerce platform, there are many reasons, including the attractive revenue statistics mentioned above, the possibility of starting with lower economic costs, then the time is very appropriate in the Middle East and North Africa market, which is still thirsting for more platforms, and is opening up More on online buying and selling techniques. If you are a beginner in this field, the article: E-Commerce Basics for Beginners can be of great help to you.

Success in e-commerce is about doing business the right way, for example: designing a site that allows users to navigate smoothly and simply, making the best use of the shopping cart, adding high-quality images and attractive product descriptions, providing a secure payment gateway and a smoother experience, tracking the shipping process. All of these simple rules have long-term positive effects on the success of your e-commerce business. If you decide to get started and let go of the fears that can hold you back immediately, here are the most important e-commerce essentials for success in this field:

The most important basics of e-commerce

First: a website compatible with smartphones

In 2020, the number of smartphone users in the world is expected to be about 2.87 billion, the widespread use of smartphones has influenced the formation of online buying habits, 67% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly site than from an inappropriate site, as it is more One of the most important basics of e-commerce. Statistics from 2017 say that mobile users accounted for more than 52% of all online traffic and that 77% of mobile users searched for a product or service from their mobile device.

The sheer volume of people using mobile devices to search for product information and make purchases underscores the necessity of designing a mobile-friendly website. Customers buy – directly and indirectly – using their mobile devices, and if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you’re missing out on a huge customer segment.

The mobile-friendly site enables you to ensure that your users get the best possible easy and enjoyable browsing experience, and to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors in the market. In this regard, you need to design a site structure that users can navigate easily through mobile smart devices, that has the ability to clearly display product images and information, and the path from the home page, to the product description, to the checkout page should be simple and smooth, remember that customers They cannot buy something from your online store from their mobile phone if it is difficult to do so.

Second: Marketing in a professional way

Marketing in a professional manner is one of the important reasons for success in e-commerce, whether you are in your beginnings in the world of e-commerce, or want to expand, increase customers and achieve sales, knowing the latest marketing trends and developing a marketing plan for your business is a necessity and not an option. To reach your audience in more effective ways, you should be familiar with the marketing trends your competitors are using.

Content marketing is one of the most powerful trends that can attract more customers through proper marketing and promotion of original content. This type of marketing provides more positive interest, engagement, and sustainable conversions. With it, you will ensure that your audience receives new information that interests them and solutions to their problems on an ongoing basis. It increases their trust in you and more loyalty to you as the most reliable source. You can also see the importance of blogging for your online store in the following article: Why does every online store need a blog?

In addition

In addition to content marketing, social media marketing is one of the most powerful and effective tools in the field of e-commerce. Communication networks help enhance interaction, increase the number of visits to your online store, develop a large customer base, and provide high-level service to customers by responding to their complaints, answering their questions, providing solutions to them, and meeting their needs. Using social media marketing can also give your online store a rich and diverse presence, enhancing your brand reputation.

Social media allows easy and quick engagement with shoppers and improves the quality of customer service when done right. Social media channels can help your e-business address customer concerns and build solid relationships with followers who can champion your brand even while you’re away.

Email marketing, live chatting on the site, optimizing your website for search engines, marketing with offers and contests, giving users a good experience browsing the site and making purchases, allowing the system of comments and reviews on the site…etc. They are all tools that can enhance your marketing strategy for your business if you use them in the right way.

Third: Five-star customer service

Amazon prides itself on a global customer-centric vision, which has greatly contributed to the success of Amazon, says Jeff Bezos, founder, and CEO of Amazon:

The most important thing is customer-centric obsession, our goal is to be the most customer-centric company in the world

And because of Amazon’s commitment to world-class customer service, it has developed a suite of tools that users can take advantage of to track packages and return quickly, or exchange ordered items and bring simplicity and convenience to their online shopping experiences. The brand’s dedication to this goal has generated profits, with Amazon achieving in July 2018 a market capitalization of $900 billion for the first time, no coincidence, nor with substandard customer service. Ranked as the best customer service brand in 2012, Amazon’s customer service team won multiple accolades for their dedication to preventing customer issues and resolving them quickly.

Fourth: mobile app design       

Now, there is no need to wonder whether you will be satisfied with the website or will build a mobile application for your online store. Due to the increasing use of mobile phones and online shopping, the smart application for your store has become an important tool that contributes to increasing your sales, expanding your customer base, and enhancing your brand.

E-commerce applications are taking over the market, gaining many users and making great profits. Customers prefer the experience of shopping on the mobile app to the experience on a desktop site or mobile browser, it is more convenient to use while shopping, so it is necessary that you consider giving your customers a better and easier experience during Creating a mobile app for your online store.

The Amazon app, for example, gives a great customer experience and a number of benefits, including getting notifications when offers start on a customer’s wish list, providing voice and image search options, improved filtering functionality and better keyword suggestions, easy shopping list management, the ability to track order shipment and inform the customer every step.

You can encourage users to download and use your app by executing available offers – limited or special prices – only with your mobile app, or with a reward system, encouraging your customers to keep buying by collecting stars that can be used to get a free item or a big discount.

Fifth: Watch your competitors and don’t be afraid to beat them

Observers believe that one of the main drivers of e-commerce growth in the Middle East, especially in the Gulf region, will be the high spending potential – due to high per capita income – the development of logistics networks, high levels of Internet use, and the growth of the proportion of young people with experience in the field of technology…etc.

The Middle East and North Africa market continues to entice e-commerce investors with its large untapped space, while users are increasingly spending in these countries as customers become more familiar with online purchases in the Middle East. The KPMG survey on consumer behavior residing in the UAE shows that consumers there spend an average of $332 per online purchase, and by 2020, the size of the e-commerce market in the UAE alone is expected to reach $27 billion, and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, it will reach $22 billion, according to a report by Payfort.


Only 15% of companies in the Middle East have an online presence and nearly 90% of online purchases in the region are ship from abroad. These numbers confirm that competition is still possible and largely in a market that is preparing to achieve stronger growth in e-commerce, even with the presence of a regional player such as Noon, and international players such as Amazon, which acquired Souq.com, or Alibaba, which is trying to invest in the large purchasing power of users In the Middle East and North Africa, however, this does not prevent you from studying the market, monitoring competitors, to come up with other advantages that can enable you to gain market share.

The success of your e-commerce business is a combination of several factors, from the quality of the products you sell to the content you provide to customers and potential customers, to the level of customer service you provide, to your marketing strategies, and your continued development as customer trends and tastes change… and many more.

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