Cloud Marketing – Definition and Advantages

Cloud Marketing - Definition and Advantages

Cloud Marketing – Definition and Advantages

Historically, the term cloud marketing first appeared in 2012, with Salesforce being the first to use it, and it was, probably, a logical extension of existing “Sales Cloud” and “Service Cloud” offerings, after which other companies like Adobe have used the term.

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If cloud marketing is so new, we can forgive the great confusion and ambiguity surrounding it, not to mention the controversy over its relevance and feasibility.

In fact, we do not want to get involved in this controversy or give our opinion about it. Rather, we will try to provide a general introductory overview of this type of marketing, provided that we postpone talking about its ambiguity and controversy over it for another time.

Hence, we can say that the concept of cloud marketing has evolved due to the rapid growth of the Internet, the society whose members have become more mobile, more in the consumption of goods and data, and, most importantly, they are able to have bilateral conversations with different brands.

The Internet and new technologies have fundamentally changed the way we learn, play, interact and shop, so it is not surprising that new terms such as cloud marketing have emerged. What is this marketing? And what are its advantages?

Define cloud marketing

It can be said that this type of marketing is a digital business marketing effort, customized and integrated to improve the buyer experience; the goal is to reach buyers wherever they are, whether it’s on social media, via their email, or visiting a website.

Accordingly, the main objective of this cloud marketing is not new. All different marketing strategies and methods aim to advance one goal, which is to reach customers and meet their desires optimally or to say (establish a long-term profitable relationship with customers), and the only new thing is how to reach the goal. So the goal is one and the paths to it are multiple.

In other words, cloud marketing is the process of customizing content; through search engines, blogs, digital advertising, and email; To be more adapted to customer needs. This is the new way of doing business.

And this is another benefit – we will discuss it in a moment – as cloud marketing not only helps you reach customers, but also allows you to deal with them (sometimes individually) smoothly and quickly; which provides them with an unforgettable marketing experience, and that is the goal of every marketer.

The term cloud marketing includes, above all, all of a company’s online marketing efforts, especially as the Internet gives companies new ways to present products, interact with customers, and drive brand messages.

Marketing advantages

Now, let’s dismiss all criticisms directed at this type of marketing, we said that the term is still new and will undergo a lot of development and crystallization, and we try to explain its most important features, which the Entrepreneurs website can mention some of them as follows:

Low cost

This is not new, we all know that traditional marketing was more expensive and less feasible and that low cost is not an advantage of cloud marketing alone, but it includes almost all types of modern marketing.

In any case, gone are the days of printing promotions, mailing them to consumers, or running expensive TV ads.

On the other hand, cloud marketing opportunities range from completely free (through your social media channels) to relatively low cost (through the use of email newsletter software).

The speed

It makes sense that cloud marketing is fast; It is originally the latest updates in the field of marketing in general, as it is the result of companies that are well-established in the use of modern technologies.

Cloud marketing technologies allow you to contact customers almost instantly, without having to go to their mailbox, which is a huge plus; As long as everyone is scrambling for a certain number of customers, the fastest will get the spoils first.

More targeted

Cloud marketing gives you the opportunity not only to reach customers quickly, but also to interact closely with them; With the many data available to you, you can choose the best among them and stick to the customer and address them, and market your product through them.

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