Financial Skills Course

Financial Skills Course

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In the beginning, Financial Skills Course is a practice exam that aims to help you skill in the Certified Financial Consultant – CFC®

Containing 10 MCQ questions, this exam gives you a feel of what you might come across in the certification exam since all its questions resemble the Certified Financial Consultant – CFC®

Financial Skills are important because it equips us with the knowledge and skills we need to manage money effectively.

Therefore, Without it, our financial decisions and the actions we take—or don’t take—lack a solid foundation for success.

Because many different roles and positions exist within the world of finance, the necessary skills can vary a lot. So, Accounting and finance professionals must have excellent analytical ability and interpersonal skills, and a sharp understanding of industry technology.

As someone who manages money, an organization’s most important commodity, financial professionals bear a great deal of responsibility. So being trustworthy and able to perform well under pressure are incredibly important traits.

This Course enables you to assess your knowledge of most of your Financial Skills.

So, what are you waiting for?

Test your skills with this Course, today!


  • Only pay when you pass the exam
  • The exam is online and self-study and you can attempt it multiple times
  • Only 10 Multiple Choice Questions with no time limit
  • The Passing score is 70%
  • Your Name, Email, and LinkedIn are required before taking the exam
  • You will receive your certificate by registered email only, within 72 hours
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