IT Audit Advanced Course

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The primary functions of an IT Audit are to evaluate the systems that are in place to guard an organization’s information. Specifically, information technology audits are used to evaluate the organization’s ability to protect its information assets and to properly dispense information to authorized parties.

Why the Need for IT Audits?
As the use of information technology by consumers, businesses, and governments has become more widespread, so has our dependence upon those systems. At a macro level, our national commerce, international trade, and government operations have come to rely more and more on technology.

Because of this reliance on IT systems and processes, organizations need a way to ensure they can have faith in the system’s operation and be able to trust the output of these systems. The best way to ensure reliability is to inspect the systems, measure the impact, and report on these findings. That’s the purpose of IT audits, and their role continues to grow in all organizations, as the need for security, privacy, and confidentiality increases.

How IT Audits Are Performed?
IT audits are typically performed by specially trained (and often certified) personnel. Those who perform the review, known as auditors, can either be internal staff who are called upon to do the audit or external personnel who perform the audits as a service.

This IT Audit Advanced Course with its 10 chapters will highlight:

  1. Workstations and Databases
  2. Application development and maintenance
  3. Functional areas of IT operations
  4. Web infrastructure
  5. System communications and software licensing
  6. Systems that support routine processes
  7. IT control frameworks & international organization for (ISO)
  8. Aspects of automated information processing
  9. IT controls
  10. Data analytics

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