KPIs Management Advanced Course

KPIs Management Advanced Course

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A KPIs Management or Key Performance Indicator is a measurement that evaluates the performance of the business activity. It measures the success of a company at reaching its operational and strategic goals on different performance aspects. KPIs can be high-level, monitoring the global performance of a business, or more low-level, focusing on processes‘ or individual’s performance.

No matter which department you are in, KPIs are vital to grasp the status of your business to make the right calls. How can you tell which KPIs are relevant? Which are going to help you and which will cause a distraction?

KPIs help managers gauge the effectiveness of their functions, processes, campaigns, and actions. They are essential to ensure you are on track to reach organizational goals.

Moreover, this advanced course will help you cut through the noise and see the actionable data you need. Control the act of accessing, visualizing, and reporting data with our first-class interface. Monitor your most significant KPIs in one place, obtain a comprehensive overview of your business, and make more informed decisions.

So, It isn’t always easy to find the right performance indicators that will fit your department or activity. The objective is always to determine those that communicate progress in the most meaningful way.

We have identified the KPI examples that are most relevant for each department, specific industry, or platform. Take advantage of our metric library and KPI templates to identify and visualize the metrics that are most important to your area of business.

In this advanced course, you will find the most used KPI examples and templates with recommendations for action and relevant showcase dashboards.

This course with its 3 chapters will highlight:

  1. Overview
  2. KPIs by Function
  3. KPIs by Industry

So, what are you waiting for?

Test your skills with this Advanced Course!


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  • The exam is online and self-study and you can attempt it multiple times
  • Only 30 Multiple Choice Questions with no time limit
  • The Passing score is 60%
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  • You will receive your certificate by registered email only, within 72 hours
  • Finally, Start your course with all wishes for success.