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Management Skills Advanced Course

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In today’s business world, management and leadership skills are essential for long-term success. This Management Skills course teaches you how to manage organizations and empower people. You will learn various leadership models, discover different leadership styles and understand how teams develop.

You will also learn the basics of project management, change management, and time management. Furthermore, this course will teach you how to make better decisions and how to become a superior, more effective negotiator.

You will also receive short case studies of Apple, Microsoft, and the University of Oxford that summarize the key takeaways of this course.

The Course Objectives to:

  • Facilitate students’ understanding of their own managerial skills.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Learn from the management experience of others.
  • Develop and learn about goals specific
  • Explain the basic concepts, principles, and processes of management.
  • Explore organizational culture
  • Examine the complexity of managing in a global world.
  • Use management thought to develop a better understanding of motivation.
  • Develop an ability to work with moral and ethical dilemmas and make decisions using critical thinking.
  • Expose students to several models of leadership.

This Advanced Course will highlight:

  • Leaders and Managers
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Styles
  • Leadership Trends
  • Management by Objectives (MOB)
  • Team Development
  • Teamwork
  • Types of Teams
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Decision-Making Process
  • Hidden Traps
  • Project Management
  • Project Definition
  • Negotiation Styles and Preparation
  • Negotiation Process and Traps
  • Change Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Business Ethics
  • Social Responsibility
  • Sustainability
  • Time Management

 Skills you will learn

  • Basics of leadership & team development
  • Strategic decision making & negotiation skills
  • Essentials of project and time management

So, what are you waiting for?

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  • Only pay when you pass the exam
  • The exam is online and self-study and you can attempt it multiple times
  • Only 30 Multiple Choice Questions / True & False with no time limit
  • The Passing score is 60%
  • Use your real Name and Email (Required) before taking the exam
  • You will receive your certificate by registered email only, within 72 hours
  • Finally, Start your course with all wishes for success.