What is AIPC.ae and what does it offer?

It is a website licensed by the United Arab Emirates and accredited by Three USA institutes, which allows applicants to enter exams and obtain occupational certificates provided by the site …. Read more

How can I subscribe to the site?

When choosing the occupational certificate you want and after purchasing it, an email will arrive you include links to all study materials and exams for this certificate. After reading and understanding the course material, you can at any time click on its exam link found in the email itself and take the exam.

Is there a set time to take the exams?

Yes, for every professional certificate you have purchased you can take the exams within 90 days of the date of purchase, and after this duration has passed, you cannot take the exam that you did not pass or that you did not take at all. You will have to re-pay the fees of the certificate.

Is it possible to return the fees for the certificates that I paid?

No, you cannot that

What do fees paid for each professional certificate include?

  1. Membership for a period of one year in the institute issuing the certificate
  2. The study material for the selected certificate
  3. Freedom to take the exam and retake the same exam of the certificate at any time, and for an unlimited number of times during 90 days without any additional or hidden costs.
  4. Obtaining the official certificate from the issuer institute, delivered by the mail company.
  5. Obtain a certificate of achievement from AIPC by e-mail

What is the passing score in the exams?

The passing score for each exam is 70%

Can I know my answers to the questions, whether true or false?

No, it is not possible, according to the website’s policy. The applicant (whether he succeeds in any exam or fails) does not have the right to ask the site to know the questions that were answered correctly or incorrectly.

How can I know the exam result?

  • In case of the success of the applicant at any exam, he will receive an email within 48 hours indicating to him that he has passed the exam. This email does not include the pass rate or what questions were answered correctly or incorrectly.
  • If the applicant does not succeed in the test, he will receive an email within 48 hours indicating to him that he has failed the test and the email includes the completion rate (which must be less than 70%). The email does not include what questions were answered correctly or incorrectly.

What are the available payment methods on the website?

  • Any fees paid to the website are done through the website itself (PayPal – Credit Card – Debit card).
  • If you want to pay in another way, please contact us

What will I get when I pass all the exams?

  • A certificate of achievement in the English language from the website AIPC.ae stating that the applicant has passed the exams necessary to obtain the certificate.
  • An accredited certificate, ratified only in English from the institute issuing the certificate, to the address indicated and registered by the subscriber on the site within 8 to 12 weeks

I read all the FAQs here but didn’t find what I’m looking for?

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