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The internal auditing activity (IAA) encounters a scope limitation from senior management that will affect its ability to meet its goals and objectives for a potential engagement client.

The nature of the scope limitation should be:

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Which of the following describes a control weakness?

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Auditing standards state that "reports may include recommendations for potential improvements." Which of the following would be a valid justification for omitting recommendations in an audit report?

The auditor:

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One payroll audit objective is to determine if there is proper segregation of duties. Which of the following activities are incompatible?

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Which of the following is an appropriate responsibility of an audit committee?

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Which of the following controls would most likely minimize defects in finished goods because of poor quality raw materials?

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As a staff auditor, which of the following actions would be considered a violation of the Standards or Code of Ethics?

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Which of the following best defines control?

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A multinational corporation has an office in a foreign branch with a money transfer facility. Effective internal control requires that:

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  • An internal auditor observes that a receivables clerk has physical access to and control of cash receipts.
  • The auditor worked with the clerk several years before and has a high level of trust in the individual.
  • Accordingly, the auditor notes in the engagement working papers that controls over receipts are adequate.

Based on this information, has the auditor exercised due professional care?

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The Standards would not require the chief audit executive (CAE) to:

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Effective internal control:

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The purposes of the Standards include all of the following except:

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Due to professional care calls for:

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An internal auditor who suspects fraud should:

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Communication skills are important to internal auditors. They should be able to convey effectively all of the following to engagement clients except:

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A working paper is complete when it:

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An internal auditor's responsibility for reporting fraud includes:

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Which of the following activities is not presumed to impair the objectivity of an internal auditor?

  1. Recommending standards of control for a new information system application
  2. Drafting procedures for running a new computer application to ensure that proper controls are installed
  3. Performing reviews of procedures for a new computer application before it is installed

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An appropriate internal auditing role in a feasibility study is to:

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An element of authority that should be included in the charter of the internal audit activity (IAA) is:

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Independence permits internal auditors to render impartial and unbiased judgments. The best way to achieve independence is through:

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Budgets are a necessary component of financial decision making because they help provide a(n):

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The internal auditors' responsibility for the prevention of fraud includes all of the following except:

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Who should have the least influence on the appointment of the chief audit executive (CAE)?

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Due to professional care implies reasonable care and competence, not infallibility or extraordinary performance. Thus, which of the following is unnecessary?

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Internal auditors often include summaries within their working papers. Which of the following best describes the purpose of such summaries?

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To minimize the risk that agents in the purchasing department will use their positions for personal gain, the organization should:

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A key feature that distinguishes fraud from other types of crime or impropriety is that fraud always involves the:

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An internal auditor who had been supervisor of the accounts payable section should not perform an assurance review of that section:

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Proficiency is required of internal auditors with respect to which discipline?

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An activity appropriately performed by the internal auditing activity (IAA) is:

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If the internal audit activity does not have the skills to perform a particular task, an outside service provider could be brought in from:

  1. The organization's external audit firm.
  2. An outside consulting firm
  3. The engagement client
  4. A college or university

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The procedure requiring preparation of a prelisting of incoming cash receipts, with copies of the prelist going to the cashier and to accounting, is an example of which type of control?

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The audit committee strengthens the control processes of an organization by:

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Which of the following most seriously compromises the independence of the internal audit activity?

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Assuming that the internal auditing staff possesses the necessary experience and training, which of the following services is most appropriate for a staff internal auditor to undertake?

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A primary purpose for establishing a code of conduct within a professional organization is to:

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Which of the following gives the internal auditor the authority to investigate fraud?

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Formal internal quality assessment of the internal audit activity (IAA) primarily serve the needs of:


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