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Spoofing is one type of online activity used to launch malicious attacks. Spoofing is:

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Which of the following statements is false with respect to information security?

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Which of the following passwords would be most difficult to crack?

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A client is concerned that a power outage or disaster could impair the computer hardware’s ability to function as designed. The client desires off-site backup hardware facilities that are fully configured and ready to operate within several hours.

The client most likely should consider a:

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What is a major disadvantage to using a private key to encrypt data?

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A digital signature is used primarily to determine that a message is:

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Which of the following does not present any risk for an entity under public-key encryption?

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Passwords for personal computer software programs are designed to prevent:

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Assigning passwords to computer users is a control to prevent unauthorized access. Because a password does not conclusively identify a specific individual, it must be safeguarded from theft. A method used to protect passwords is to:

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Which of the following procedures should be included in the disaster recovery plan for an Information Technology department?

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Which of the following statements best characterizes the function of physical access control?

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Computer program libraries should be kept secure by:

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Before implementing IT controls (general and application) and policies, an organization should:

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Which of the following would not be appropriate to consider in the physical design of a data center?

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Authentication is the process by which the:

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The use of message encryption software:

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To ensure privacy in a public-key encryption system, knowledge of which of the following keys would be required to decode the received message?

  1. Private
  2. Public

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An organization creates an audit trail of when employees enter the building by having them use a key card to release a magnetic lock. A database records who enters when.

Which of the following reduces the risk that the audit trail is incomplete?

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The basis of effective information security and cybersecurity are:

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Select the cyberattack which is best associated with extorting an individual or an organization.

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Which implemented control would best assist in meeting the control objective that a system has the capability to hold users accountable for functions performed?

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An Internet firewall is designed to provide adequate protection against which of the following?

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The best preventive measure against a computer virus is to:

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Which of the following IT developments poses the least risk to organizational security?

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When a user enters a certain entity’s system, a series of questions is asked of the user, including a name and mother’s birth date.

These questions are primarily intended to provide:


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