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Chartered Human Resource Consultant – ChHRC® (USA)

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Chartered Human Resource Consultant – ChHRC®

The Chartered Human Resource Consultant – ChHRC® will help you develop the knowledge, skills, and methodology necessary to meet the human resource challenges of today’s fast-paced work environment.

The ChHRC® Online Program, helps you develop a strong foundation in current HR best practices and will prepare you to lead the strategic deployment of human capital for sorts of organizations.

The current human resources field is very much ahead of the times when HR roles were restricted to administrative duties alone.

The Benefits of being Chartered Human Resource Consultant – ChHRC®

Today, it is also the responsibility of HRs to perform important additional tasks including :

  • Shaping key policies.
  • High-level planning.
  • Consulting with executives to trace strategic direction, etc.

Moreover, The ChHRC® equips you to handle these tasks wisely.

Finally, and most importantly, the online program of  Human Resource Consultant – ChHRC®, helps you develop a strong foundation in current HR best practices. And will prepare you for the strategic leadership of human capital for many types of organizations.

The Study program for ChHRC® is 100% online.

  • The course is self-study and consists of the following topics:

Chapter 1: Roles of HR
Chapter 2: Developing and Implementing Strategic HRM Plans
Chapter 3: Diversity and Multiculturalism
Chapter 4: Recruitment Process
Chapter 5: Selection Process
Chapter 6: Compensation and Benefits
Chapter 7: Training and Development

  • The exam for this certificate includes 100 Questions (MCQs and True / False )
  • Unique study material
  • No time limit for the exam
  • The Passing score is 70%
  • You have an unlimited number of times to retake the exam
  • We provide course content through AIPC.ae
  • The fees for this certification include e-books, online exams, and a one-year membership at no additional cost.

Are you exempt from the ChHRC® program?

Exemptions may be granted based on existing qualifications and experience. all applications are evaluated on an individual basis.

If you think that you qualify for an exemption, please fill the form for the evaluation of existing qualifications and experience.

Exams Exemption