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AIPC.ae “Advanced Institute for Professional Certifications is an accredited educational platform for granting recognized and reliable international Professional Certifications through self-study and online exams through the website.

AIPC.ae is the shortcut for the official website of the Advanced Institute for Professional Certifications. The website is licensed by the Dubai government in the United Arab Emirates with license number 867454 and is a representative educational center licensed and accredited by:

  • Institute of Financial Consultants (IFC) in the United States
  • Chartered Association of Business Administrators (CABA) in the United States
  • Institute of Certified Forensic Accountants (ICFA) in the United States

We are seeking to attract students from the best universities and flagship companies because we always aim to spread knowledge and raise the educational level of the members of the site in the financial, commercial, administrative, and other fields, and we expect to reach many interested people and administrators because the AIPC.ae website transforms traditional education into interactive learning, and removes Cost barriers, and access difficulties.

Using our platform, our associates will obtain IFC, CABA and ICFA accredited certificates, and they will learn many skills that qualify them to work in the market, such as management and consulting skills in the financial, administrative, marketing, human resources, and other areas And granting them a functional concession that helps them in their professional lives to reach the highest ranks in their companies and their private and governmental institutions alike.

The Advanced Institute for Professional Certifications (AIPC.ae) offers high-level professional certifications to those interested in challenging themselves and developing themselves and adding real value to their work history, any associate can choose one or more of the professional certifications which the association believes will suit him and that it will be of value and meaning to him, And it suits his specialization and field of work.

AIPC.ae Vision

Our vision is to be the professional authority and the first choice for business officials and financial counselors and those who work in the financial, administrative, marketing and other important fields. To be an active, visible and respectable professional authority for business officials by offering membership and qualifications that are recognized and appreciated.

AIPC.ae Aim

We aim to add value to individuals and institutions by:

  • Providing practical and professional development opportunities
  • Evaluating and ensuring professional behavior with high quality
  • To enhance the professional competence of our associates for life

AIPC.ae Message

Our message is to promote development and provide best practices in international business management and consulting in all fields. And to make AIPC.ae the best place for learning, self-development and adding real value to individuals and institutions.


The Advanced Institute for Professional Certifications (AIPC.ae) sets forth this Code of Professional Ethics to guide the professional and personal conduct of members of the institute and/or its certification holders.

Members have a professional obligation to clients, prospects, employers, employees, the general public, and other members to act competently and ethically at all times. Members are expected to comply with the content and the spirit of the Code of Ethics in order to fulfill this professional obligation.

This obligation extends to employees and others who are supervised by the member.

The Institute’s Board of Directors reserves the right to discipline members who do not comply with the Code and may terminate membership and the privilege of using the designations for breaches of the Code.


Members shall:

  • Keep themselves informed of all relevant laws, regulations, and professional codes.
  • Keep themselves informed of all relevant professional knowledge relating to their work practice.
  • Take on only those assignments for which they have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform competently.
  • Inform the client (or employer), where they discover they do not have the necessary knowledge and/or skills to perform competently on an assignment and assist the client (or employer) to find the services of a professional who has the necessary knowledge and skills.
  • Base all recommendations and advice to clients on the thorough and diligent research and analysis expected of a professional certified member serving the best interests of the client.
  • Ensure they understand the circumstances and needs of clients so they can best meet their needs.


Members shall:

  • Not knowingly participate in, assist or ignore violations by a client of relevant laws, regulations, and professional codes
  • Not misrepresent their credentials, their qualifications to perform services, or any other information provided to clients, prospects, or employers.
  • Not act (including failure to act) in any manner that discredits the professional image of a certified member as a “trusted certified”; refuse any gift, favor, or another benefit that could influence, or be seen to influence, the member to act against the client’s best interests or against this Code of Ethics.
  • Comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and professional codes.
  • Determine their fiduciary duty of care to each client and comply fully with that duty.
  • Make a reasonable effort to avoid all conflicts of interest, immediately declare any conflict of interest to clients, seek legal advice or the advice of the Institute if necessary, and take the required action to resolve the conflict.
  • Inform clients (or employers) of their professional obligation to comply with this Code of Ethics and any other such code. Charge clients fair and reasonable fees that are agreed upon in writing before work begins, and inform the client at once if any additional financial benefit is realized by the member in the course of the assignment
  • Encourage other professional certified members to comply with this Code.


Members shall:

  • Avoid any circumstance that may keep them from acting objectively and independently in the best interests of the client.
  • Disclose to clients all information that will enable clients to determine when recommendations and advice are based on fact and when on opinion, and generally to enable clients to understand the underlying rationales.


Members shall:

  • Not disclose confidential information of clients unless legally required to do so by relevant laws and regulations and/or due to illegal activity.
  • Not use confidential information of clients for personal gain or for the benefit of anyone other than the client.
  • A member shall strive to keep current with developments in any area of the profession where specific expertise is claimed.


  • A member shall recognize that the self-disciplinary nature of the profession is a privilege and that the member has a responsibility to merit retention of this privilege.
  • A member shall report to the Board unbecoming professional conduct by another member.

Responsibility for Others:

  • A member shall ensure that other certified members carrying out work on the member’s behalf are conversant with, and abide by, the applicable Code of Professional Conduct.
  • A member shall behave in a manner that maintains the good reputation of the profession and its ability to serve the public interest.
  • A member shall avoid activities that adversely affect the quality of that member’s professional advice.
  • A member may not carry on a business that clearly detracts from the member’s professional status.

Due Care:

  • A member shall act in the best interest of the client, providing professional services with integrity, objectivity, and independence.
  • A member shall not encourage unrealistic client expectations.

Business Development:

  • A member shall not adopt any method of obtaining business that detracts from the professional image of the Institute or its members.


  • A member shall accept only those assignments that the member has the knowledge and skill to perform.
  • Informed Client:
  • A member shall, before accepting an assignment, reach a mutual understanding with the client as to the assignment objectives, scope, work plan, and costs.

Fee Arrangement:

  • A member shall establish fee arrangements with a client in advance of any substantive work and shall inform all relevant parties when such arrangements may impair or may be seen to impair the objectivity or independence of the member.
  • A member shall not enter into fee arrangements that have the potential to compromise the member’s integrity or the quality of services rendered.


  • A member shall avoid acting simultaneously for two or more clients in potentially conflicting situations without informing all parties in advance and securing their agreement to the arrangement.
  • A member shall inform a client of any interest that may impair or may be seen to impair professional judgment.
  • A member shall not take advantage of a client relationship by encouraging unless by way of an advertisement, an employee of that client to consider alternative employment without prior discussion with the client.


  • A member shall treat all client information as confidential.


  • A member shall refrain from serving a client under terms or conditions that impair independence and a member shall reserve the right to withdraw from the assignment if such becomes the case.


  • A member shall act in accordance with the applicable legislation and laws.
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