Role of human resources in the development of organizations

role of human resources

The role of human resources in the development of organizations

The role of human resources in the development of organizations is shown by working to enter the competition, and one of the most important means that improve companies is organizational development.

This development aims to use the employees in an optimal manner. Therefore, the Human Resources Department has a vital role within the various institutions and organizations, and this is demonstrated through their ability to employ highly skilled people.

Chartered Human Resource Consultant – ChHRC

In addition to working on following up the intellectual and functional growth of employees and training individuals to help bridge the employment gap and secure competitive advantages. This is done through some important matters, which are as follows:

Strategic planning within the organization

The chief HR officer of the organization determines what level he wants to be at within a specified period of time which can be at least 5 years.

It also usually seeks to define a collective approach that includes human resource managers, whose task is to analyze the foundations that do not exist in the organization and the talents that it aspires to include in its ranks.

Which is applied in the form of a system that works to provide a balance in the career ladder so that it can propose the policy of attrition within the departments that seek to reduce employment encourage the early retirement process and in certain cases require layoffs.

By setting the goal of recruiting new people, the human resources department defines its use of active or passive efforts to recruit the strongest candidates in the field required to achieve the best results.

Analysis and design of the developed functions of the company

When the restructuring of all the departments of the company is needed to develop them, the human resources department conducts a number of functional analyzes of the required places.

It includes some important studies, duties, and tasks required by the available jobs and ensures that they are in line with the plans for organizational development.

An example of this is the CEO’s desire to reduce the number of writing staff and consolidate different positions into a specific managerial role so that HR officials review all employee duties and conduct performance monitoring interviews.

The human resources manager can work on designing the job description in a professional manner for the administrative jobs that are requested to have higher responsibilities and a distinguished salary.

This is not an easy task as the analysis is very complex and needs programs and groups that have brilliant minds and scientific theories and in the end, we come out with the orderly process of development.

Possess commercial acumen

The HR manager must have the business acumen to be able to understand the different types of changes that drive profit and the numbers needed.

It should also anticipate the money the company can save by laying off some employees in various locations, merging other jobs, creating new job titles, and spending some money on training programs to improve the business.

Staff in HR compulsorily implement briefings to clarify their position on sexual harassment that employees can face within the company, and the department conducts candidate checks to protect the organization from claims of negligence during employment.

The role of the manager’s business acumen appears when having to impose some penalties or implement disciplinary penalties on employees so that competencies are not lost through unfair penalties.

Possessing employability skills

In the past, the human resources department was called the personnel department and one of its most important duties was to post job applications and place potential candidates to the departments that match the various departments in addition to processing all documents specified for recent appointments.

During the current time, the specialists in the human resources department are tasked with searching for and hiring talents, and they have an active role in appointing all candidates after conducting interviews providing assistance to the executive staff, and supporting them to make the right decision.

The specialists within the department must also have the ability to know the target places when marketing some of the required jobs and be aware of the changes that occur within the labor law.

Often the various departments work with HR specifically consulting managers to find out what works best in hiring matters and how to decide on termination or disciplinary sanctions associated with the laws.

During the selection process, managers in the human resources department present all their experiences in cooperation with recruitment committees and conduct interviews to determine the best jobs for the development of the company.

Support career growth in the company

One of the most important functions of human resource management is to support career growth, and by implementing this correctly, we will find that the organization grows unexpectedly, and will not incur high salaries for employees who have the experience that will be achieved through growth programs.

Career tigers require additional training and various educational aids, so the Human Resources department works to identify different classes and various training programs that serve their career path.

Human Resources makes sure that the schedules set for the work of employees are flexible to allow them to be present in the classroom to help their development as required.

The main role of human resources in companies

There are many tasks that are implemented by the Human Resources Department in different institutions, which are as follows:

  • It appoints candidates for some required positions within the company.
  • The need to know the current needs of the company in order to hire new competencies.
  • Selects employees that fit the position available, conduct personal interviews, coordinates efforts, and prepares employees to be ready to start work.
  • View all payroll to prepare their bonuses, taxes, annual increases, and other matters.
  • The implementation of disciplinary sanctions, makes the department have a bad reputation among all employees, especially when the discipline is inappropriate.
  • Updates the policies assigned to hire with the ability to suggest some modern policies to serve the needs of the company and help employees perform better.
  • Records are kept of employees which are required by law and are used to identify employment gaps within the company.
  • It has a major role that occurs by supporting employees, protecting their welfare, and making sure that their rights are realized.

Thus, we have become acquainted with the role of human resources in the development of organizations, with clarification of the details of this matter, in addition to the main role of the human resources department in companies in their various fields.