Special offer


Special offer

6 Diploma CoursesOnly $115

With this limited-time special offer, you can now enroll in 6 Diploma Courses, at an amazing fee… Save 90%

How’s that possible

Have a look at the Online Courses that we offering, which have benefited more than 200 students, and we have issued more than 280 certificates to them.

  • Go to our Payment Gate to pay the fee of $115 only (Special Offer for Diploma Courses Only)
  • Then you can apply for the exam for each Diploma Course:
    1. Mini MBA Diploma
    2. IFRS Diploma
    3. Internal Audit Diploma
    4. IT Audit Diploma
    5. Financial Risk Diploma
    6. HR Management Diploma
  • The Passing score is 60%
  • Only one exam contains 60 MCQs for each course
  • No time limit for the exam
  • You have an unlimited number of times to retake the exam
  • Use the same email for all Diploma Courses.
  • You will receive an email after each passed exam that includes a list of the Diploma courses that you have passed and have not yet. in addition to the passed exam certificate.

What are the benefits of Diploma Courses?

Our Diplomas Courses are very useful and rich in valuable information and optimum benefit for Accountants, Financial Managers, Internal Auditors, risk managers, Human Resource Managers, and all professionals, as they have been carefully prepared in accordance with the challenges of the labor market.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of our Diploma Courses:

  • Keeps you in the form
  • Sets you apart from others
  • Ability to contribute more
  • Enhances your creativity
  • Professional approach to customer demands

There are a lot of professional courses out there for you to take on, it will help you in improving your management, financial, accounting, and internal auditing skills to a greater level.

So, what are you waiting for, Start Now and set the motions of your career in full gear!

Amazing Limited-time OFFER .. 6 Diplomas .. Only $115 ... ✅ SAVE 90% ✅
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